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contador visitas Bradley and I are very happy together

Bradley and I are very happy together

Yes, Bradley, Ben Affleck and Daniel Craig are very happy. The kiss me a lot!

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Go find Tallahassee. Even if it is without me.

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Attention puny humans! Strax, along with Jenny and Vastra, are back in a special intro scene to ‘Deep Breath’ - only available in cinemas.
Catch it on the big screen this Saturday night or Monday evening, along with the full 80 minute episode and a behind the scenes feature. Attend, or you will be annihilated! (Strax made us say that…)
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So I made this approximately a year ago.
And this just happened.

He reminds me of this ( ˃ ヮ˂)

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Christmas gifts for you all. 

thank you dear for these! we appreciate them all!!

This is so beautiful…I can’t even…I’m gonna go to a corner and calm myself down…

More gifts arrived.  



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sometimes im really excited about things and i want to tell everyone but then i remember nobody cares and i just sit there like


to tell or not to tell

This is me on so many levels.

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"I’m so jeaulous.
I’m so alone."


Getting ready for the first day of school like

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This is nooooot OKAY.

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Study tip- Study one chapter at a time. I mean go get a notebook, a textbook or a book, a pen, a highlighter and take notes.

1. Read the chapter.

2. Then read it again while taking notes on it.

3. Read your notes.

4. Make flashcards of the vocabulary and the main points

5. Make an outline.

A man in love with a woman from a different era.

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